Things to do on the island of Utö (Stockholm Archipelago)

Utö offers the visitor something interesting year round. Enjoy the archipelago's silence in the winter and take advantage of its vast array of activities in summer.

Listen to sea birds singing for spring and enjoy the smell of flowers and warm pine forest in early summer. Fish for herring before midsummer or fish from piers and rocks.
Picking berries and mushrooms in autumn and take a dip in the still warm waters.
In December, enjoy the Christmas market and the famous Christmas buffet at Utö Värdshus.

Summertime is the peak of visitors to the island and cycling are the most popular way to get around.

Many people prefer a bike ride to the great beaches of the Mediterranean character of the Baltic Sea, Utö Stora Sand. 

Enjoy the floral splendor and birdsong along the way. What could be more relaxing!

If you are lucky you may see the rare white large Apollo butterfly with its black dots on the wings. Can often be seen on the firing range that is usually available to the public in July. Red deer and elk as well as deer can be seeing in the area. Stay on the road and do not pick up unknown objects! It can be explosive! 
In summertime, a bus is also running.

A little geology and history

Utö and other islands around, are unique from a geological point of view and attracts many interested each year. Holmqvistit is a mineral found only here and on the island of Madagascar.

See this and many other minerals at Utö Mining Museum.

At Lerviksvägen (Näsudden) are also exciting potholes from the Ice Age to look at by the beach.
 On Utö and the nearby island Rånö you can find remnants of the ravaging Russians in the archipelago at 1719th. 

Some so-called "Russian ovens" are marked on the map that can be bought on the boat, at UtoStuga, tourist office, Utö marina, Utö harbor and other places.

Getting around

Foto: David af Petersens
UtoStuga offers in connection with cottage reservation also rental of bicycles for adults and kids, as well as a couple of bike trailers facilitating the delivery with picnic or a maximum of 2 x 18 kg child. There are also some kayaks for rent. Life jackets are of course available. 
There are also EU mopeds and electric bicycles to rent per day at the gas station.

A taxi is also available by Utö Taxi. You can also rent bikes at the restaurant Båtshaket on Ålö and at Utö marina at Gruvbryggan.

Kayaking is also a nice way to get around. A trip to the bakery in the morning along the beach is a nice experience.

To visit the islands Rånö and Nåttarö, you can take a boat from Ålö in the south. 
On the islands are also a mini market and a restaurant. The boat then continues to Nynäshamn where there is a commuter train to Stockholm and boats to Gotland and Gotska Sandön.


You will have several beaches within walking distance from the cottages to choose from. Even more if you use a bicycle. All with sandy beach and cliffs.
At Spränga is a municipal swimming with diving tower, about 3 km from Gruvbyn. Suitable stop maybe on the way south to the larger sandy beaches. In the northern part of the island are several fine beaches as well as at the campsite. On Ålö Storsand is a popular beach even allowed to camp. Pumps are available with approved drinking water, the iron content makes it look discolored. Garbage cans and outdoor toilets are also available.


Foto: Magnus Unger
There are many small roads and trails to walk on. Buy a map to make plans.

Utöstigen, about 3 kilometers, has been designed by school children and the 
Archipelago Foundation.

Informative signs along the way makes it interesting for both children and adults.

Maps of the trails are available at the Tourist Office, guest harbor and Utö Värdshus. At the Spränga harbor you can find the archipelago's Cathedral, Utö Church, with its beautiful organ. Open in summertime. Here you can enjoy lectures and entertainment arranged by the Church's support group during the summer. Service on Christmas morning.

The school of Utö is nearby, children attend from daycare to 9th grade. Also popular to have reception and parties there. 

The next house on the left side is Utö Homestead. Here you can trace ancestry and look at interesting photos and crafts. The heritage center is open with refreshments during homestead farm days in July and the small museum is open. Moped Flea usually start the event. Hembygdsföreningen is also responsible for the interesting Utö Mining Museum opposite the Utö Inn.


Foto: Karl-Einar Lindgren
At Edesnäs the kids go by horse and wagon to collect flowers and leaves in the morning to dress the maypole. The dance begins at two in the afternoon and the kids are treated to juice and buns. Midsummer celebrations are also held in Gruvbyn on the back of Societetshuset. The dance begins at two o'clock.

Guided tour

Charlotte Schröder is a popular guide. She organizes guided tours of Utö and the abonded mines, tell you about life back then and now in the outer archipelago. 
Also a visit to the mill is recommended.
You can reach her by phone on 08-501 57 657 or 070-200 3764.


In the main village, Gruvbyn, you have plenty of options to eat and drink.
A mini golf and playground nearby is nicely situated at Seglarbaren, pub.

Several shops in the area keep you busy as walking in the marina enjoying your ice-cream. Here you will also find the friendly and well equipped grocery store, ICA.

Bake-off and sandwiches available.

Across a nice bakery smells good in the morning, offers sandwiches in the night.

In Edesnäs you can eat and drink at Utö Bykrog during summertime.

In the southern part of Ålö, a popular restaurant is almost in the water, Båtshaket.
Foto: Ove Nilsson